I hope you are all well and you are enjoying learning at home.  Don't forget to use the links to spellings and Writing Ladders to help with your work. You will find these on the main Class 2 Home Learning Page.

Remember to read for at least 10 minutes each day - you can still record this in your Reading Diary.

Please also continue to practise your Times Tables - you can use Times Tables Rock Stars for this if you would like to.


Well done for completing Week 1 of Home Learning! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.  I will be posting more activities next week on the Week 2 page.

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March 2020

Here is the work for the rest of this week....you can do this all in one go if you want to, or you can space it out over the next two days. 

For Thursday's Maths, you only need to choose one of the worksheets from either Year 3 or Year 4.  It's up to you which one you feel is the most challenging. 

Don't forget to check the Online Learning links on the Home Learning page and on our main Class 2 page of the school website.  

Make sure you keep checking this page for updates, suggestions and notes.  


 Friday Maths.pdfDownload
 Maths Y4 Thursday.pdfDownload
 Reading Writing Thursday.pdfDownload
 Writing extra task.pdfDownload
 Y3 maths thursday.pdfDownload
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Work for Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine and managing to spend some time outdoors.  

Here are the tasks for Wednesday.

If you haven't already, please complete the Reading Activity and Instruction Writing from Tuesday's tasks. After that, have a go at the Grammar Hammer Skill Check.  There are two questions on here that you might not be able to do straight away - the question about comparatives and the question about superlatives.  Don't worry about these two if you get stuck - we haven't covered these yet.  Of course, you could always see if you can find out what these are...

I have added a Powerpoint that will help you.

Then take a look at the Maths Activity Suggestions which are all practical!

Later on today, I will upload the work for Thursday and Friday so that you can plan when you would like to complete it.  Some of you might want to do it all in one go but others might want to do bits at a time.  


Thinking of you all!

 Grammar Hammer 1.pdfDownload
 Grammar Hammer Skill Check 1 answers.pdfDownload
 Maths Wednesday 25th.pdfDownload
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Work for Tuesday 24th March 2020

Here are the Home Learning Tasks for Tuesday 24th March.  I hope Monday's tasks were enjoyable and easy to understand.  Please do let me know via Mrs Machell if there is anything that you are finding difficult or that you are not quite sure of.  

I am aware that today's tasks are quite 'writing heavy' so I have decided (after a sleepless night!!) to amend this and suggest that the Reading task and the Instruction Writing task are completed over today and tomorrow.  I hope this is manageable.  I will then set some more practical-type tasks for the rest of the week.  I am trying to find the right balance for us all.  


Tuesday's tasks are as follows (you can complete them in any order but I have tried to keep them similar to the kind of things we do in the classroom):

Complete the Reading Activity - this is a follow on from Monday's task.

Maths - Choose one of the Daily Problem tasks and have a go at solving this.  You can do it by writing the answers in your Maths books if you don't have a printer.

I have uploaded two Powerpoints - one for the Year 3 work and one for the Year 4 work.  These are just to help with some ideas for how you might complete the Maths Activity sheets.  You only need to complete one of the Activity sheets for your year group (you can do more if you want to!)  There are three sheets in each file; the sheets go from easiest to more tricky.  You should be able to complete these in your Maths books if you don't have a printer.

Finally, complete the Science/Writing activity.  I have added ideas for how to make your work even better.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the tasks that I am leaving for you to do.  I am thinking of you all. 

 Science planting.pdfDownload
 Y4 - Comparing Area.pdfDownload
 Year 3 - Equivalent Lengths - mm and cm.pdfDownload
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 Maths Problem.pdfDownload
 PowerPoint - Equivalent Lengths - mm and cm.pptxDownload
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Work for Monday 23rd March 2020