Easter Learning Project


Hi Class 1,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Below are three optional projects for you to complete over the Easter holiday.


Project 1

Design and create your own symbol to promote hope and positivity for the world.  This project is similar to the 'Chase the Rainbow' campaign, which you may have seen in your neighbour's window, seen around your neighbourhood when you were on your daily exercise or you may have even created one to display in your own window to help spread hope and positivity in your community.  For this project we would like you to use this idea, to help you design your own symbol to promote hope and positivity for the world.  Once you have designed your symbol, get creative and create your symbol in your chosen form.  It could be an illustration, a collage, a sculpture - whatever you like - the more creative the better!  Then display your creation and help promote hope and positivity in your community.  I would love to see your final creations, so please email them to headteacher@netherseal.derbyshire.sch.uk.

Project 2

It is important to ensure you always remember the SMART rules we have taught you about keeping yourself and others safe online.  This is particularly important while we are home learning online.  With this in mind, we will be regularly providing you with short online safety activities to complete.  Please share the leaflet below with your parents/carers and then complete the first online safety activities uploaded below.

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Project 3

You are living through history right now!  With this in mind, your final project is to design your own Covid-19 time capsule for your future self to look back on.   You could include things about yourself, your family, your school, your community and the wider world.  This could be in the form of: photos/pictures, a diary, newspaper clippings, artwork, special memories or any other form of your choice.

Below is a document to help to get you started, but be creative.  I would love to see your ideas!

 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdfDownload
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I hope you enjoy the Easter projects.  

Just in case you want some other ideas to keep yourself entertained over the Easter break, here are a few:

  • Research Easter around the world
  • Design and decorate an Easter basket, using your understanding of nets
  • Have a go at some Easter origami
  • Design your own Easter maths quiz or game for your siblings/family to solve
  • Create a comic strip about an aspect of Easter
  • Create your own drama/poem/song etc to retell the story of Easter
  • Write your own Easter playscript
  • Write a newspaper article about Easter being banned
  • Research and find out about different aspects of Easter e.g. Ash Wednesday, Ascension Day etc. and find your own way of showing what you haven’t learned
  • Create nets and turn them into Easter characters
  • Design and make an Easter board game and then play it with your family.
  • Visit: busythings.co.uk to play fun learning-based games and activities.

           Username: Netherseal     Password: c1

Hopefully, I have created a list which includes something which you will enjoy doing.

Have a good Easter!

Miss Halsey