Tuesday 24th March 2020


In your ‘10 for 10 booklets’, complete day two of reading, arithmetic, reasoning and GPaS.

Writing – In your English books, using your story mountain and Y6 target sentences from yesterday, draft a short story based on your Pobble image. Title: Story Draft and long date

Topic - See below.




It was lovely to see how many of you used 'Times Table Rock Stars' yesterday and to see your progress.

Using what you learned about volume yesterday, play the games below and then see if you can solve the riddle:



 Volume PowerPoint Quiz.pptDownload
 Volume Riddle.pdfDownload
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The Butterfly Lion – Read to the end of the novel. Thinking about what you have read and discussed about Bertie, choose graph 1 or 2 of the feelings graph, uploaded below, and complete it in your English book.


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In your English book, using your story mountain and Y5 target sentences from yesterday, draft a short story based on your Pobble image.  Title: Story Draft and long date


Y5 and Y6 Topic

First, plant your seeds, thinking carefully about your investigation planning from yesterday.


Now, you are ready to start your ‘Environmental Issue’ project, which you should complete over the next four days.

Choose an environmental issue e.g. endangered animals, pollution, climate change, deforestation etc.

Research and make notes about your chosen environmental issue in your topic book (make sure you leave space in your book for the end of your science investigation)  Read widely, using a range of different sources to find your information. Remember to write the long date and the title: Environmental Issues. Then write your chosen environmental issue as your sub heading and underline.

Once you think you have enough notes, decide on an effective way of presenting your information. This could be an information text, PowerPoint, poem, story, persuasive argument, debate, 3D sculpture etc. The more creative/inventive the better! Remember it needs to inform or persuade.

I would love to see some of your creations at the end of the week, so please email them (if they are electronic) or take a photo and email them to headteacher@netherseal.derbyshire.sch.uk   Please put ‘Environmental Work for Miss Halsey’ as the subject.