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International Schools Award

Our school is committed to ensuring global dimensions are part of our whole school ethos and vision, therefore our international work is fully embedded into our curriculum.

Take a look at some of the etwinning projects we have been involved in:



Our Aims

Through our work we aim to

  • support and enhance curriculum work
  • work with international partners
  • promote positive, global attitudes
  • encourage an appreciation of diversity, other countries and cultures
  • develop cultural awareness
  • provide children with a greater appreciation of the cultural differences, as well as the rich diversity that can occur locally, as well as globally
  • provide a window into different cultures and countries, preparing the children for life in a global society

We enjoy communicating with our partner school in India and sending and receiving work and gifts.

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Our Work

A wide range of links are constantly being forged and maintained with schools locally and in other countries and we aim to provide the children with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to learn about different ways of life and cultures.

Examples of our work include:

  • Exchanging letters about themselves and their lives/culture
  • Exchanging culture boxes
  • Creating and exchanging PowerPoints about different aspects of school/village life and culture
  • Exploring how children travel to school in different parts of the world
  • Exchanging photos and information about religious festivals
  • Taking part in culture days such as French, Chinese etc.
  • Participating in workshops linked to music, dance and culture such as Chinese, Brazilian etc.
  • Creating and going on virtual tours of places of workshop created by children in our school and partner schools
  • Creating and going on virtual tours of villages/towns created by our school and partner schools
  • Learning, recording, exploring and exchanging work linked to National Anthems
  • Visits to and from our partner school in Derby
  • Creating information texts linked to aspects of our own and our partner schools’ lives
  • Learning about and participating in popular games from our partner schools
  • Seasons PowerPoints and quiz
  • Around the World project linked to Class 1 work in geography on ‘Around the World’
  • Visits to the Open Centre
  • Visits to Hindu temple
  • Visits to Mosque
  • Bonds of Oneness project
  • Migratory Birds
  • Eco issues around the world
  • Communicating with and sponsoring a child through SOS children
  • Communicating in French with our partner school in France
  • ‘Our Lives Today’ ten question challenge
  • Friendship project
  • Language learning opportunities and activities
  • Participating in and leading Etwinning projects

Aspects of Eco and International Schools are carefully embedded and interlinked to achieve optimum impact.

Impact of International Work

The children talk enthusiastically about their visits, the learning experiences they have had the opportunity to engage with and the friendships they have formed. They are open minded, receptive and respectful of the different ways of life of people from different faiths, cultures and traditions.

The children are enthusiastic about engaging with and learning about different countries and cultures and are able to confidently express their views about the world through sharing, comparing and contrasting their experiences and opinions in a confident manner, in a wide range of forms, such as verbally, and in different forms of writing.

Using collaborative curriculum based work, across a range of subjects, with our partner schools, has given them a real life context for their learning and a wider perspective of community.

The global dimension means that the children understand that people all over the world are to be respected and valued and that we can learn from each other and cooperate to make a fairer and safer world.  They are aware of and show an increasing understanding of issues such as fair trade, human rights, equality, managing resources, sustainability, stereotypical thinking, conflict and peace, rights and responsibilities, identity and belonging and how they are all part of learning to become a global citizen.


Sharing Our Message

In all aspects of our international work we endeavour to involve the local and wider community, wherever possible. This has included people such as: staff, local schools, partner schools, parents/carers, governors, the local shop and our local church. We are also currently supporting another local school with their international work.

Through finding out about issues facing other people/children in places such as India, children have been proactive in using school council’s voice to sponsor a child in India, through SOS children, therefore allowing them to participate in taking small actions to improve the lives of others.  They have proactively maintained this, by organising events to ensure funds are raised to maintain this, as well as writing to governors asking them for their support with their aims and goals.  This has evidenced a strong sense of the children understanding and developing a greater sense of personal development and well being, through wanting to take action to try and change the way of lives of others.


Our International Coordinator is Miss Halsey.