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Netherseal St Peter's CE Primary School

We have the power to make a change and be the best that we can be

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

From pre-schoolers to young adults, from teachers to key workers, police and parents, we can all make the internet a safer, better place for young explorers. We all have our part to play.

Mission 1 - Assembly

Our very first mission was to produce an assembly to introduce ourselves, our roles and our next task to the rest of the school.  The assembly went well and now everyone knows what our role is all about.  



Mission 2 - Top Tips for Christmas

For our second mission, i-vengers worked with the whole school to create our 12 top tips for staying safe online over Christmas. I-vengers helped classes select their top tips and then they put the list together.  Our 12 top tips have been shared with parents and carers on the school jotter but can also be found below.  

Mission 3 - Collecting Data

For our third mission, we wanted to find out about the online habits of the pupils in our school.  We have begun to survey all the children and have sent out a link for the parents to fill in about what their child gets up to online, on our school jotter.  We are looking forward to having a good look at the results and informing parents and governors about them.  This will help us all to keep the children in our school safer online.


All children in school completed the survey and parents took part too.  We found that the results at Netherseal are in line with other results from the survey which encompasses Derby City and Derbyshire Primary Schools. We will continue to share information with parents on keeping their children safe online.


Mission 4 - ...and Action!

Children created a short film, about the pros and cons of Roblox.  They had to write a script and decide on cast and then they directed filmed and edited it themselves.  They then thought about how they could share it with the wider school community.



Special Mission

I-vengers worked with the anti-bullying ambassadors to organise a whole school online safety day for internet safety day (Tuesday 8th February).  Traci Good was overwhelmed with their efforts and impact, so they were awarded a platinum certificate and received a very special message from the chief i-venger: Traci Good.

Mission 5 - Healthy Selfies

i-vengers taught Year 5 and 6 about healthy and unhealthy selfies.  They then challenged them to create their own healthy selfie and bring it into school, which they used to create a healthy selfies display.


Special Mission

We looked at our school website to check that there was links to online safety for parents and carers, that the links worked and the information was up-to-date.


Mission 6 - Building our Legacy

Our last challenge was to recruit two new i-vengers from Year 4 to take the place of our Year 6 i-vengers and join our Year 5s.  We created an i-vengers application form for them to complete and informed them what would be expected of them in their role .  We  then interviewed and chose the best person for the job, before gathering ideas for our newly appointed i-vengers for next year.  We also trained them so they know what their role and responsibilities are.