Tuesday 31st March 2020

Y5 English

Read the discussion cards uploaded below linked to the Easter story and discuss the questions with an adult.  You can record your answers in your English book if you would like to.  If you do record your answers, remember the long date and the title: Easter Story Discussion Cards.


Y6 English

Use the PowerPoint uploaded below to read and explore the Easter Story.  Record your answers to the questions on each slide in your English book.  Remember the long date and the title: Easter Story Comprehension.

 Y5 Easter Story Discussion Cards.pdfDownload
 Y6 Easter Story Guided Reading.pptxDownload
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Y5/6 Maths

 Play one round of Times Table Rock Stars. 

Then, using your understanding of coordinates (remember along the corridor and up the stairs to help you read the coordinates) and translations, choose one of the 3 levels from the document below to complete.  They range from easiest (1 star) to hardest (3 stars), so choose your challenge.  Record your answers in your maths book.  Remember the short date and the title: Coordinates and Translations. The answers are also contained in the document, so make sure you mark and correct your answers, once you have finished.

 Easter coordinates and translations (3 levels).pdfDownload
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Whole School Easter Topic Activities