Netherseal St Peter's CE Primary School

Class 1 - Miss Halsey

Miss Halsey teaches children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Child Friendly Anti-bullying Policy written by Class 1

Child-friendly Safeguarding Leaflet

Child Friendly Complaints Policy


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Bullying Matters Class 1

Building a Better World Class 1

Living Things and Life Cycles Year 5

Living Things and Life Cycles Year 6


TEXT WE WILL BE READING: 'Flour Babies' by Anne Fine


Being Me Year 5

Being Me Year 6

Do the Crime Year 5

Do the crime Year 6



The Highway Man – Alfred Nayer

Horrible Histories

Oliver Twist

Biography of Elizabeth Fry

Legends of Robin Hood



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Shakespeare Year 5

Shakespeare Year 6

In Class 1, we learn in a variety of different ways, whilst having fun.  We know that we can achieve anything and that we have the power to lead change in our school, in the community and in the wider world.

We have produced some creative interpretations of scenes from Macbeth.

Watch Taylor's amazing creation by clicking on the image below.

Take a look at some other examples of our Macbeth work.

Class 1 have been using the forest school site to act out scenes from Macbeth.

Click on the links below to explore sections of Macbeth through song.

The songs

We believe, we achieve, we succeed!


Recommended Reads:

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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Class 1 used 'Apple Clips' to become masked readers.  Can you guess who's behind the masks?

Intrigued by the start?  Check it out: read the rest of the book.


We entered our first ever Sumdog competition in October 2020, competing against Derbyshire schools and Year 6 were declared overall winner of the competition.

Three of our pupils were also in the top ten.

We also took part in the 'National Sumdog Competition'.  Out of the 2455 classes who took part, Year 5 came 18th and Year 6 came 6th!


Click on the link below to practise your maths skills on Sumdog.

By the end of Year 4, all children should know their times tables to 12 x 12 to gold standard.

Practise your skills using this resource:

URBrainy Multiplication Game


Mental Maths underpins all other areas of mathematics. 

Practise your skills with these online resources:



Practise your times tables, arithmetic and reasoning skills, linked to your year group, using the link below:



Y6 Maths Revision:

 001 - BODMAS BIDMAS.pdfDownload
 002 - Column Methods Add + Subtract.pdfDownload
 003 - Decimals.pdfDownload
 004 - Division.pdfDownload
 005 - Factors,Primes + Squares.pdfDownload
 006 - Fraction Adding.pdfDownload
 007- Frac Dec Perc Equivalence.pdfDownload
 008 - Fraction of a Quantity.pdfDownload
 009 - Fractions of Shapes.pdfDownload
 010 - Multiply Divide by 10, 100, 1000.pdfDownload
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We enjoy writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. Check out examples of our amazing work below:

We have written our own world war poems, recorded our performance of the poem and turned them into PowerPoint presentations.  Check out the incredible PowerPoint presentations the children have made below!

 B.S WAR POEM.pptxDownload
 BP POEM.pptxDownload
 Cries of pain.pptxDownload
 DD never forgotten.pptxDownload
 F.S ww 2.pptxDownload
 In the war.pptxDownload
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Check you know the grammar, punctuation and spelling terms and practise applying them using the quizzes and games in the link below:




We enjoy finding about about and representing our ideas about different faiths.

For support with transition click on the link below:

Year 6 Transition