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We have the power to make a change and be the best that we can be

Class 1 - Miss Halsey

Miss Halsey teaches children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Child Friendly Anti-bullying Policy written by Class 1

Child-friendly Safeguarding Leaflet

Child Friendly Complaints Policy

Child Friendly Online Safety Policy


Click here for Class 1 Curriculum Overview 2023-2024 (Cycle A)

Please see below for Knowledge Organisers 2023-2024 (Cycle A)

Knowledge organisers are not a curriculum. The body of knowledge that children gain at the end of a topic will be much deeper and wider but they are a very useful short document giving parents and children the key facts, vocabulary and information about the topic being studied.

Autumn Term 2023

Being Me Year 5

Being Me Year 6

Do the Crime Year 5

Do the Crime Year 6

Building a Better World


The Highway Man – Alfred Nayer

Click here for Class 1 Curriculum Overview 2022-2023 (Cycle B)

Please see below for Knowledge Organisers 2022-2023 (Cycle B)

Summer Term

Celebrating Diversity

What do you see? Year 5

What do you see? Year 6


All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

We All Belong by Natalie Goss

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger by Elizabeth Cole

It’s Okay to be Different by Sharon Purtill

Spring Term

Drug Education Class 1

My Healthy Heart Year 5

My Healthy Heart Year 6

Street Detectives Year 5

Street Detectives Year 6

Being Safe Class 1


Holes - Louis Sachar


Autumn Term

Bullying Matters Class 1

Struggle for Survival Year 5

Struggle for Survival Year 6

What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Class 1

Being Me Year 5

Being Me Year 6

Marvellous Monarchs Year 5

Marvellous Monarchs Year 6

Henry V - A Shakespeare Story by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross

I Was There - Jim Eldridge

In Class 1, we learn in a variety of different ways, whilst having fun.  We know that we can achieve anything and that we have the power to lead change in our school, in the community and in the wider world.

We created our own DT textile work to represent Derby. Once they are all finished, we are going to turn them into a patchwork blanket.

As part of our 'Street Detectives' topic, we took part in an exciting five-part study project with Richard Felix: The Crossroads of Derby.  This project allowed the children to explore our local history and famous individuals that have lived in and visited Derby and Derbyshire. It brought to life some of the most iconic moments of the area`s local history which encompasses most aspects of British History from  Roman, Saxon, Viking heritage, the Battle of Derby 917, to Derby Silk Mill (the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution), Rolls Royce, Railways, scientific discovery and first and lasts in crime and punishment.  It also explored the many famous visitors to Derby including Bonnie Prince Charlie, Charles Dickens, Mary Queen of Scots, Dr Samuel Johnson, Florence Nightingale and many others.

As part of our work on ‘Marvellous Monarchs’ we visited Warwick Castle, where we witnessed more than 1,100 years of history come vividly to life, in one of Britain’s finest medieval fortresses.

We joined the world's largest children's choir concert - Young Voices 2023!

In R.E we explored explored different faiths and their places of worship.

In DT, we have been developing our primary engineering skills!

Primary Engineer Apprentice Rail Project

In partnership with an engineer from Wabtec, we took part in the primary engineer apprentice rail project.

Using the Jinks method of construction we designed and made a wheeled locomotive powered by an electric motor. We explored electrics and pulleys to help move our vehicle and control the speed and direction of our wheeled device. The vehicle was made with a removable top to expose the mechanisms, but all tests were carried out with the body in place.

If you were an engineer, what would you do?


Children looked at the world around them and found engineered solutions to common problems.  In order to do this, children interviewed an engineering professional, identified a problem and designed a solution to it enabling them to be inspired by engineering professionals and ‘find the engineer they could be’ by designing the future of engineering.  They then wrote letters to the engineer explaining their idea and why they should build it!

Take a look at some other examples of our Macbeth work.

Click on the links below to explore sections of Macbeth through song.

The songs

We believe, we achieve, we succeed!


Recommended Reads:

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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Click on the links below to download and practice comprehension tasks for you to use to prepare you for SATs 



Class 1 used 'Apple Clips' to become masked readers.  Can you guess who's behind the masks?

Intrigued by the start?  Check it out: read the rest of the book.


We entered our first ever Sumdog competition in October 2020, competing against Derbyshire schools and Year 6 were declared overall winner of the competition.  Since then we have continued to achieve success in the Sumdog competitions.


Click on the link below to practise your maths skills on Sumdog.

By the end of Year 4, all children should know their times tables to 12 x 12 to gold standard.

Practise your skills using this resource:

URBrainy Multiplication Game


Mental Maths underpins all other areas of mathematics. 

Practise your skills with these online resources:



Practise your times tables, arithmetic and reasoning skills, linked to your year group, using the link below:



Y6 Maths Revision:

 001 - BODMAS BIDMAS.pdfDownload
 002 - Column Methods Add + Subtract.pdfDownload
 003 - Decimals.pdfDownload
 004 - Division.pdfDownload
 005 - Factors,Primes + Squares.pdfDownload
 006 - Fraction Adding.pdfDownload
 007- Frac Dec Perc Equivalence.pdfDownload
 008 - Fraction of a Quantity.pdfDownload
 009 - Fractions of Shapes.pdfDownload
 010 - Multiply Divide by 10, 100, 1000.pdfDownload
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English SATs Revision:


 English SATs.zipDownload
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We enjoy writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. Check out examples of our amazing work below:

Check you know the grammar, punctuation and spelling terms and practise applying them using the quizzes and games in the link below:


For support with transition click on the link below:

Year 6 Transition