Summer Week 3

Settlers and Settlements Project 


Take a look at the amazing things our class got up to last week:


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Hi Class 1,

Hope you had a lovely weekend and you are ready for another week of home learning - although it will be slightly shorter because of Bank Holiday on Friday. 

Well done for all your hard work last week.  I am loving seeing and hearing what you have been up to.

Harry, I see you have now completed all the Y6 maths quizzes for last week too - well done!

Miss Halsey


Hi Class 1,

We have come to the final day of our home learning for this week, as it is bank holiday on Friday.  Today (or over the next few days, if you prefer), you should complete your topic and maths tasks, as we will be starting something new next week.  Don't forget to send me your completed settlements projects to:  I have received some great ones already - thank you!

I have also added a range of V E day inspired activities for you to choose from, as your home learning for today.  

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

See you next week for another week of home learning.

Miss Halsey


Y5/6 Maths:

Continue and complete your maths work/project from Tuesday if you have not done so already.

Year 5, please send me your completed properties of 2D shapes creations.

Year 6, don't forget there are also the additional quizzes to complete if you would like to, and you haven't done so already.


Y5/6 Topic:

Your topic for today links to V E day, to mark its 75th anniversary.  Read the PowerPoint about V E day and then choose which activity/activities you would like to complete below about V E day. There is no need to print them, unless you want to. Just recreate them on paper to display around the house or in your books. If you choose to do work in your books, them please remember the long date and the title: V E Day.  I would love to see what you decide to create, write, do etc. so please send them to


Here are some suggested activities for you to choose from, but feel free to also create your own ideas.  The related resources can be found below the list of ideas.


Reading Comprehension

Read ‘The Nation Celebrates’ article and answer the questions about it in your English book. Remember the long date and title: The Nation Celebrated Comprehension


Newspaper writing task

Using the newspapers article in the reading practice task and the planning sheet to help you, plan and write a newspaper article about the event.


Design a Medal

Design a medal activity.

Read the information about war medals and look at the examples of war medals on the PowerPoint slides from World War II. Use this to help you design a war medal for a member of the army, navy or air force returning home after World War II. You can use the paper worksheet or make your own out of paper or even using fabric, cardboard or anything else you have at home.


Letter to a Serviceman or Woman

Write a letter to a serviceman or woman, thanking them for their bravery. You can using the writing paper provided if you would like to.


Make some Bunting and a Flag

Use the bunting and flag templates to help decorate your home for VE Day or make some of your own.



Based on what you have read, write a diary entry about what you think it would have been like at the time.


Plan your own celebration for VE Day

Perhaps you could have a special lunch and decorate your house or garden with your bunting and flags.



Research what life was like in 1945 in Britain:

What did people wear?

What did they eat?

What music did they listen to?

Research World War II in more detail, focusing on an aspect you are interested in e.g. rationing, evacuation, Battle of Britain, World War II planes, armed services etc.


Design a Game

Design your own game about V E day and/or World War.



Create an image or model to display in your window for V E Day.



Use the ‘Picture News 75th Anniversary V E Day Resource’ to explore a poem about V E day and then have a go at writing your own.


 design a medal worksheet.pdfDownload
 Diary template.pdfDownload
 Flag template.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Newspaper template.pdfDownload
 Newspaper writing plan.pdfDownload
 Picture News VE Day 75th Anniversary Poem Resource.pdfDownload
 The Nation Celebrates - answers.pdfDownload
 The Nation Celebrates - questions.pdfDownload
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Read the news from this week in the ‘Topical News’ document uploaded below and then choose one or more of the linked activities on the final page to complete. Remember, if it is one of the written activities you will need to include the long date and the title: Topical News.  I would love to see what you have written and upload these on our 'Home Learning' page and on my Eco page, so please send your written work to



Continue with your maths work/project from yesterday.



Continue and complete your settlers and settlements project, which can be found at the top of the page.

 Topical News - Coral Clouds.pdfDownload
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Y5/6 Writing:

Click on your year group’s word of the day document below and complete the activities linked to it. Remember any work completed in your English Book will need the long date and the title: Word of the Day followed by your word as a sub heading.

Y5/6 Reading:

Follow the link for your year group below and complete the comprehension task in your English book. Remember the long date and the title.



Comprehension - Treasure Island



Comprehension – The Stig of the Dump


Y6 Maths:

Throughout the rest of this week, for maths, you are going to be revising place value. I have uploaded a document below containing a range of SATs style questions linked to place value. This document is for you to work through throughout this week, so choose how many you would like to do each day, aiming to complete the booklet by the end of the week. Answer the questions in your maths book. Remember to include the short date and the title: Place Value Revision. Once you have completed it, please mark and correct your answers using the ‘Place Value Solutions’ document, also uploaded below.

If you finish these, I have also uploaded some new quizzes online for you to do focusing on place value. Follow this link to log in: 


Y5 Maths:

Properties of 2D shape project. Throughout the rest of this week, for maths, you are going to be researching and creating your own way of presenting information about the properties of 2D shapes. You should use the 2D shape vocabulary in the 'Y5 2D Shape Vocabulary' document uploaded below to help you. I have also uploaded a '2D Properties of Shapes Vocabulary Explanation Sheet' which explains some of the terms.  Your challenge is to research the properties of different 2D shapes, including regular and irregular shapes, making sure you incorporate all/as much of the vocabulary from the document below as you can. You should make notes in your maths book. Remember to include the short date and the title: Properties of 2D shapes. Once you have carried out your research, you will then need to find an interesting/creative way of presenting your information. You could create an information text, make the shapes and find a way of showing their properties, create a PowerPoint, create a video of you presenting about the properties of 2D shapes, make a properties of shapes spinner etc. The choice is yours, but the more inventive the better!  At the end of the week, I would love to see and share your final creations, so please send them to 

 2D Properties of Shapes Vocabulary Explanation Sheet.docDownload
 Y5 2D Shape Vocabulary.docxDownload
 Y6 Place Value Revision.pdfDownload
 Y6 Place Value Solutions.pdfDownload
 Y6 Word of the Day 1.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Word of the Day 1.pdfDownload
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Y5/6 Writing Task:

Can you spot Mr Whoops’ mistakes? Read the text uploaded below and see if you can spot the Y5/6 spelling words that have been spelt incorrectly – there are 13!  Record your answers in your English book. Remember the long date and the Title: Mr Whoops Y5/6 Spelling Words. When you have found them, choose a few or all of them and write your own sentences containing them, but make sure you spell them correctly!  Once you have finished, mark and correct your answers, which can be found at the end of the document.


Y5/6 Maths:

In your maths book, complete the arithmetic questions, for your year group, uploaded below. Remember the short date and title: Arithmetic.

Can you complete it in 30 minutes?  

Can you beat your previous score from last week’s arithmetic test?

I have included the answers on the last page of the Year 5 arithmetic and as a separate document for Year 6, so when you have finished, make sure you mark and correct your answers.


Y5/6 Topic:

Continue with your settlers and settlements project uploaded above. Remember you have until Wednesday to complete it.


Y5 Reading:

Read Chapter 11 of ‘Good Night Mr Tom’. A lot of the speech in this chapter is written in non-standard English, due to accents/dialect. Choose some examples and rewrite them, in your English book, in standard English to make them more formal. Remember the long date and the title: Standard English – Speech.


Y6 Reading:

Follow the link below and complete the comprehension task in your English book. Remember the long date and the title: Comprehension – The Railway Children


 Mr Whoops Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Activity 1.pdfDownload
 Y5 Arithmetic 2.pdfDownload
 Y6 Arithmetic 17 Answers.pdfDownload
 Y6 Arithmetic 17.pdfDownload
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