Thursday 2nd April 2020

Y5/6 English

Today you are going to find out about Easter in Australia.  All children should read the Easter Bilby fact file uploaded below carefully. 

When you have finished, in your English books, complete the following work:

  • Year 5 copy and complete the Easter in Australia cloze activity
  • Year 6 record your answers to the Easter Bilby task cards, making sure you refer to the text to support you with your answers

Remember the long date and the title: Easter in Australia.

 Easter in Australia Cloze Activity.pdfDownload
 Fact File - The Easter Bilby.pdfDownload
 Task Cards - The Easter Bilby.pdfDownload
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Y5/6 Maths

Choose a few pages or see if you can use your maths skills to complete the booklet and solve the mystery of the Easter Bunny costume! 

Use your maths book to help you record your detective work.  Remember the short date and the title: The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume

 The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume UKS2 Activity.pdfDownload
 The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume UKS2 Answers.pdfDownload
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Whole School Easter Topic Grid