Friday 3rd April 2020

Hi Class 1,

Well, we have finally come to our final day of home learning before the Easter holidays. It seems such a long time ago that Mrs Machell, the TAs and I were putting together resources for you all and deciding how home learning was going to work for our school (whilst keeping you all engaged and entertained). In reality, it was only a couple of weeks ago! However, it has been a pleasure to see and hear how much you have learned from, enjoyed and appreciated what we have put in place. Thank you to you and your parents/carers for supporting me with helping to sustain your learning and making home learning a success.


Have a lovely Easter! Please keep me updated with what you are getting up to at: (Remember to include the subject as: For Miss Halsey)


I look forward to working with you again, after the Easter holidays, in whatever form that might take.


Miss Halsey


Whole School Easter Topic

Year 5/6 English

Research and create a glossary of these Easter terms:


  • Salvation
  • Forgiveness
  • Sacrifice
  • Reconciliation
  • Resurrection
  • Incarnation
  • Atonement
  • Saviour


Remember, a glossary is an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations of their meaning. With this in mind, you might want to read the first extension and decide if you are going to complete that first, otherwise your glossary might not end up in alphabetical order!


Record your glossary in your English book. Remember the long date and the title: Easter Glossary.



Can you come up with of your own Easter words to add to your glossary? Remember they must be in alphabetical order, so you will need to think about what words to add.


Using your glossary, can you write a sentence containing each of the word from your glossary. Make sure you think about how to use it correctly within the sentence.



Why not find out what is going on in the outside world, by following this link to a children’s newspaper. You may even be able to mark of one of your text types on your bingo grid in your home learning pack by reading it.

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Y5 and Y6 Maths

Test out your enlarging skills with one or more of these Easter pictures.  Remember it should be an exact copy.  You can either print them or use your maths book to re-create a larger grid for you to enlarge the image into.  Remember the short date and the title: Enlargement.

 Easter Illustration Enlargement.pdfDownload
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Please can you all check that you are able to log into the following site and let me know via if you cannot. All you need to do on it, for now, is check that you are able to login, using the information below. I will be allocating you some assignments via this website after Easter if we are still home learning. Thank you.


Follow the link below: 

I have set everyone's password as class1, so it would be a good idea to change your password when you log in.   However, if you change your password, please make sure you remember what it is, as I don’t think it allows me to access and reset your passwords, once you have changed it yourself.


Type in your first name followed by the first letter of your surname (no spaces) e.g. Ben Wren would put benw

If you have a hyphen in your name, make sure you include it with no spaces e.g. Sophie - May Green would put sophie-mayg

Following the rules above, the following people will need to add a number after theirs e.g. if it said add a 5, Steve Line would put stevel5

CL add a 1

TN add a 2

MT add a 3

AL add a 4

OM add a 2

KM add a 3

HN add a 1

JT add a 1

HW add a 19

DW add a 7


Easter Holidays

We will not be setting work each day over Easter, but we will be setting an optional Easter project (details to follow on the Class 1 Easter project page soon).

However, just in case you want some ideas to keep yourself entertained over the Easter break, here are a few:

  • Research Easter around the world
  • Design and decorate an Easter basket, using your understanding of nets
  • Have a go at some Easter origami
  • Design your own Easter maths quiz or game for your siblings/family to solve
  • Create a comic strip about an aspect of Easter
  • Create your own drama/poem/song etc to retell the story of Easter
  • Write your own Easter playscript
  • Write a newspaper article about Easter being banned
  • Research and find out about different aspects of Easter e.g. Ash Wednesday, Ascension Day etc. and find your own way of showing what you haven’t learned
  • Create nets and turn them into Easter characters
  • Design and make an Easter board game and then play it with your family.
  • Visit: to play fun learning-based games and activities.

           Username: Netherseal     Password: c1

Hopefully, I have created a list which includes something which you will enjoy doing.

Have a good Easter!

Miss Halsey