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Final Term Week 5


Who will be this week's Netherseal Stars of the Week?

Hi Class 1,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Below is all of your home learning for this week:


Y5/6 English

Using what you have learnt over the last few weeks, and from carrying out further research about light, I would like you to spend the week creating an information text about ‘Light’. Make sure you include the features of your year group’s writing, which can be found on the Class 1 home page.

You could:

  • research and make notes on Monday
  • write your draft information text on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Edit and improve your draft on Thursday and start writing up your final version, either by hand or on the computer. Remember to include a front cover and images.
  • Finish writing your final edited and revised version of your text on Friday

Remember to present your work neatly and write the long date and the title: Light

Please send your final version to 



Year 6 – over the next few weeks, I would like you to visit the website below:

Scroll down to ‘rounding, estimating and checking’, choose this booklet or any other booklet below this (the choice is yours!).  I would like you to work your way through these booklets at your own pace, to help you revise the different areas of mathematics.

Remember to present your work neatly and include the short date and the booklet title as your title each time.

The answers are also provided, so please make sure you mark and correct your answers.


Year 5 – We have now learned about all areas of mathematics, so throughout this week, I would like you to work your way through the review documents uploaded below.  This will allow us to see what you have learnt and what you need to work on next.

You can choose which order you would like to complete them and how much you would like to do each day.


Number Review


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Review


Measures Review


Shapes Review


Mental Tests




Remember to present your work neatly and write the short date and the title for each piece of work (use the heading of the document for your title).

Please let me know how you got on with this maths by sending them to me.


Last week, we focused on a range of different P.E activities due to all the national events linked to sport.  This week, I have added one new additional P.E pack for you, so get active and have fun!


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Whole School Topic:

Here are some resources to help you, which you may find useful:

 RSE Resources.zipDownload
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Don’t forget to make use of the Class 1 recommendations (on the Class 1 home page), the Year 6 transition page and the online learning page.