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Warn and Inform Letter Sept 2021

Letter from Derbyshire Director of Public Health - July 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers from the Derbyshire Director of Public health - 27 May 2021

Letter to schools from the Derbyshire Director of Public Health - 26 March 2021

Letter from the Director of Public Health to Parents/Carers16.12.2020

Coronavirus Guidance


The most important symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

We are aware that some children and young people with COVID-19 might not initially experience the three main symptoms, with some experiencing other symptoms such as nausea,
headache, extreme tiredness or muscle aches. Please continue to be vigilant and do not send your child to school if they are unwell.

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness. However, if you have any of the symptoms above you must stay at home and arrange to have a test to see if you have COVID-19

Government guidance for contacts of people with possible or confirmed coronavirus covid 19 infection who do not live with the person

Covid19 Advice -Quick guide for parents and carers March 2021.pdf

Test and trace information for parents and carers pdf