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Final Term Week 6

Hello again Class 3 and families! 

Welcome to your 6th and penultimate week of our home learning! Can you believe how close we are to the end of term already? 

I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to work with a greater flexibility last week and with more freedom to choose which activities you wanted to complete and when. I'm hoping you got to spend more time completing your favourite activities, as well as having lots of time to spend with your families too! You have all worked extremely hard and should be proud of yourself. Remember, last week was all about 'Relationships' and how important it is to have a healthy relationship with yourself- so recognise all you have achieved!

This week, we have another exciting whole-school topic for you to complete, so you can choose to do some of the activities with your brothers and sisters, if you wish! :)

Our topic this week is all about 'Keeping Safe'

There will be plenty of activities to keep you busy on this topic, so take a look at the folders below to pick which task you are going to do first! I have also uploaded some home learning packs for each year for you to get stuck into. Each of these folders contain many different activities to help with your English and Maths; it's up to which you would like to do. Remember, this week is about which tasks you would like to complete, so do not feel like you need to get all of them done in one day!  

Don't forget to take a look at the PE activities from Derbyshire School Games at the bottom of the page. These games will help you to get out, get active and to keep your body busy, as well as your brain!

 Remember, as always these are only suggested activities. It is up to you to complete as much or as little as you can. Don't forget to keep sending your wonderful work into school; we love to see what you have been up to! 

This is Roxy's fantastic work...

I really like the words you have used to describe yourself, Roxy, and how neat your wonderful work is too! Well done!

Well done to our fantastic Stars from last week! I wonder who will be our 'Netherseal Stars of the Week' this week? 

Keeping safe 

This week, our school topic theme is 'Keeping Safe', focusing on keeping safe online and being sun safe. There are a range of activities, a creative challenge and an exciting competition for you to enter!

Keeping Safe- Online Safety:

It is really important to keep yourself safe online, particularly while we are using the internet so often for home learning.

Read and complete the online activities for your age group, which can be found in the 'online safety' activities list.

Additional books, activities and advice can be found on our online safety page: Netherseal Online Safety

Why not....? 

  • complete the fun online safety activity pack
  • follow Digiduck and his pals in a story of friendship and responsibility online. A brilliant resource to help provoke discussions about online safety and being a good friend online. 
  • Read Goldilocks and complete the related activities 
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Keeping Safe- Be Sun Safe:

Read the story of 'George the Sun Safe Super Star' or watch the video version following the link: George the Sun Safe Super Star

Sing along to our 'Slip Slop Slap' Sun Safe Song. 

Choose your activities from the wide range of suggestions in the 'Sun Safe' Folder below. 

You could also visit the Soltan Sun Ready Schools web page, for additional resources, videos and information. 

 George The Sun Safe Superstar Story.pdfDownload
 Keeping Safe Week.docxDownload
 Sun Safe Schools Activities.zipDownload
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Sun Safe Challenge

Can you find an exciting way of showing what you have learnt from all the sun safe activities you have completed? It could be a poem, a film, a playscript, poster, piece of artwork- the choice is yours! The more creative the better. Please send your responses to the Sun Safe Challenge to: 


For keeping safe week, we thought it would be a nice idea to say thank you to the people that have helped to keep us safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, so please get inventive and design your own badge to say thank you. Details of the competition can be found by clicking here

Maths and English Work

Below I have uploaded an activity pack for each year group for you to complete your English and Maths work this week; there may also be the odd creative arts and Science activity in there for you to have a look at too! There are lots of different tasks in the files, which may take you into next week too! 

Choose which order you would like to do them but to keep you engaged it might be a good idea to do one English and one Maths activity a day; but remember it is up to you! You can either download and print out each sheet or you can copy it into your Maths or English book, but don't forget your date and heading, underlined! 

 Reception Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Reception Summer Maths Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 1.zipDownload
 Year 2.zipDownload
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PE with Derbyshire School Games

The School Game Organiser Network and Active Derbyshire are working together to create and publish a weekly programme of activities to help children, just like you, to keep active whilst schools are closed and we are having to stay at home. This week, they have created a series of activities around 'a family sports' day'!

Open the document below to find a daily activity and lots of tips and guidance on how to do it. There's a bit of a quiz to get you started, then each day, you'll find a challenge. If you keep scrolling down, you'll find instructions and helpful diagrams to show what to do. 

Why not involve your family? You can all keep active and get active together.

It's important to stay safe whilst doing physical activities too, so have a think about how to keep safe whilst keeping fit. What things might you need to do before complete a physical activity or game? 

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