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Final Term Week 5

Welcome to another week of Home Learning, Class 3!

As you know your Home Learning will look a little different this week. The tasks are split into our usual English, Maths and Topic work, however I have uploaded all of the activities for the week in one go so that you can pick and choose which you would like to do and when! So you may decide to have a whole day or two on your favourite subject first and then take a look at the other tasks for the rest of the week. 

I have made year group folders to make it easier to look through, however you may want to complete some of the tasks from the other years as a recap or an extension! There are also some activities in the folders which would be suitable for all year groups too. If you don't have access to a printer, remember you can copy out the work into either your English, Maths or Topic book with a suitable heading. 

Don’t forget to keep emailing your pictures to us so we can see what you have been up to! 

Well done to last week's 'Netherseal Stars of the Week'. I Wonder who will be this week's Super Stars? 

This is some fantastic work from Roxy! I particularly like the tricky Maths work and how wonderfully neat your presentation is- well done!

Below is some super work from Jacob and Benjamin! What wonderful stories you have both written! 

Look how big their beanstalks have grown! Has your beanstalk grown this tall?

A wonderfully creative 'Family Tree' created by Roxy and her two big brothers! What a super idea for our 'Relationships' theme this week! 


This week, I have included mostly reading and phonics activities for your English work. Take a look to see which you are going to choose...

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The focus for your Maths this week is Bar Models. 

What is a Bar Model? 

Bar models are where pictures of bars are used to represent calculations and word problems. The portion of the bar is sized according to the size of the number. For example, if a bar was split into two parts, then the larger number would have a larger portion of the bar. If both numbers were equal then the nat would be spilt into two equally.  

A bar model does not provide the answer but gives an understanding of what calculation is needed to find it. They are a visual representation of problems or calculations that can be used for any of the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

In word problems, bar models have the benefit of helping children to decide which operation to use to solve the problem. 

For more information, go to 'How to Teach Bar Models...' or for videos for children about part-whole methods and bar models go to 'BBC Bitesize'.  

To solve the problems in your packs, draw a bar model for each question to help you find which calculation you will need to complete to workout the answer. 

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Our Topic work this week is a whole-school theme on Relationships and Humanism. The 'RSE Topic' document is a topic grid of activities for you to choose from and as it is 'whole-school' you may want to complete some of them with your brothers and sisters. 

 RSE Topic.docxDownload
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Remember, you can go to our 'Home Learning' class page and the 'Online Learning Links' page for more exciting learning opportunities!