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Final Term Week 1

Hello Class 3! 

Welcome back to your home learning page after a super half term break. What glorious weather we've had! I hope you've all had a chance to get out and enjoy the sun this past week.

Your home learning this week is going to be slightly different as we are going to focus on some PSHCE and PE activities to exercise your body and your mind. It's important particularly at this time to have a healthy body and mind, so hopefully the activities this week will help you think about different emotions and feelings, as well as getting active and having fun!

Even though our activities will have a slightly different focus, you will still have daily Maths and English work, either as part of the topic or as separate learning. 

Remember as always, the activities are only suggestions; you can do as much as you like, do tasks on different days, or if you are really enjoying an activity, you may decide to carry it on the next day- or for the whole week! 


You have all done such a super job so far and I can't wait to see your books when we get back to school! Remember to keep sharing all the exciting things you've been up to by emailing Mrs Machell. 

Check out this fantastic lot of work sent in by Jacob, Cole, Carsyn, Louie and Molly from last term!

Look at this wonderful work sent by some of our youngest children. Well done Benjamin, Eliza and Roxy!


Please watch Eliza's 'Good New Report'...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful time recently, Eliza, and your good news certainly made me smile! I hope your delightful report makes everyone else feel happy too!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Friday 5th June

Happy Friday everyone!

Remember the work from yesterday was for two days so there is no new work for today. I hope you are all enjoying the activities- I can't wait to see all your photos and workbooks!



Thursday 4th June

Hello Class 3! Well done to you all for working so hard and I hope you've enjoyed your PSHCE work this week. Now it's time for something a little different...


Physical Education

We are going to now think about our physical health and get active! Start by going to Cosmic Kids Yoga and complete one of the sessions. It's completely up to you which you choose but I recommended the stories, as we have complete similar ones to these in school. 

Alternatively, if you are wanting something a little more lively you can go to GoNoodle which has lots of fun songs and dances to complete. I suggest you search for ones like 'Milkshake', 'Pop See Ko' or 'Beaver Call', which you may remember watching before as they are some of our favourites. 

See the document below for your PE task.

Links for your task ideas:


 PE Task.docxDownload
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Go to Oxford Owl and search for the story called 'Silly Games' in the ebooks section. Remember you might need to read this with an adult or listen to them read the story to you.

When you have finished the story, have a go at answering the questions into your English book. (Title: Silly Games)



Take a look at the Maths games at Topmarks. Go to the '5-7 years' tab and I would like to focus on games in the 'Times Tables' section. This will build on the work you did yesterday on TT RockStars. Choose one of the games to play. I suggest playing 'Hit the Button' and 'Mental Maths Train' as these were fun to play, however you might like one of the other games. You may need to write out the pattern of 2s, 5s and 10s and an adult to help you. 


As your main task is a little longer, you have the rest of this week to complete these activities. So it's up to you which day you choose to complete each task, as you might want to carry out the PE project on the drier day, in case you want to set up your activity outside. 

Please remember don't worry if you don't get all of these tasks done- they are just our suggestions. There's quite a bit to complete, so choose what you would like to do and enjoy!


Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning, Class 3! 

Today we are going to continue with our PSHCE theme for our English work. Remember you can always continue with the activities from the previous days if you haven't quite finished or if there's something that you liked the look of but didn't get to do. 


Download the Picture News file called 'Picture News Special Resource- Lockdown Reflection'. How have you felt during lockdown? Have you enjoyed the chance to spend more time with your family? You may have felt really happy during this time, doing wonderful things together. Or have you missed seeing your wider family and friends?- I know I have!

Look at the 'Picture News Special Resources' PDF in the resources folder. Talk to an adult or older sibling about how you have felt during lockdown and the experiences you have had. Choose one of the challenge activities to complete called 'Lockdown Rollercoaster' and 'Lockdown Record'. There is also 'The Good New Challenge' which you may want to do instead, where you create a video news report only filled with good news! It can contain as many good things you can think of, such as things that have happened during lockdown or that you are excited about in the future. 

Have you learnt anything new about yourself? Or have you learnt a new skills during this time?- I'd love to see it in your news report! What lovely things have you been up to? Who are you excited to see? I am thankful for having lots of lovely family who I can't wait to see soon and I have really enjoyed some time relaxing on my new garden furniture in the sun, with my lovely little dog! These things would definitely make my report! 

Today's activity is similar to the work set in Class 2, so you may wish to work with your brother or sister to share your ideas or to complete this task together.  

 Picture News Special Resource - Lockdown Reflection.zipDownload
 The Good News Challenge.pdfDownload
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As we are practising our Maths skills this week, we are going to revisit our times tables. I have set up a session on Times Tables Rock Stars for you to play 3 Garage games, which is live until Thursday evening. It was fantastic to see so many of you joining in with the session last time! 

Don't worry if you have forgotten your username or password, please send an email to Mrs Machell where we will be able to send you your login details.

Reception children, this will be the first time you have used Times Tables Rock Stars, however you might have seen your older brothers or sisters playing it. It is a really fun way to help you learn your tables. You can count in jumps to help you practise, for example 1 x 2 is one jump of two starting at zero, so the answer is two. 7 x 10 is seven jumps of ten starting at zero, so the answer is seventy. As you get the hang of it, you will begin to understand that each jump is another 'lot of' that amount. For example, 5 x 10 is five lots or groups of ten. Grouping objects into pairs or groups of 5s or 10s and using 2p, 5p and 10p coins may also help you to see these lots or groups. It might be helpful for you to write down the number patterns for 2s, 5s and 10s, starting at zero, before you begin your TTR session. To protect your details, we ask if you could email Mrs Machell and we can send your username and password over to you confidentially. Remember, this is your very first time practising your tables in this way, so just try your best and have fun! 

Tuesday 2nd June

Happy Tuesday to you all, Class 3!


I hope you enjoyed your learning tasks from yesterday and it gave you a chance to chat to an adult about anything that may be worrying you. Remember, as there were lots of activities to choose from, you can always carry on with some of them today if you wish. 

For today's work, we are going to carry on with some more PSHCE activities. Take a look in the folder and choose any of the tasks to complete- remember you can do as many as you like! At and there are a range of stories and poems about Feelings and Emotions that you can read. Choose which one may help you with your emotions or you might just like to choose the one you like the sound of.

There are some videos at the National Oak Academy; entitled 'Healthy Hugs', 'Feelings', 'Worried', and 'Germs', if you'd like more information about any of these areas.   

 Tuesday PSHCE.zipDownload
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Today we are going to continue looking at Maths skills.

Reception children follow the link to Oxford Owl Maths games and complete either 'Counting 0-20', 'Addition' or 'Match the Shape' found in the Age 4-5 section. You can complete them all if you wish! 

For Year 1 and Year 2, your workbook below is all about place value, understanding numbers and continuing patterns. You can either print out the pages you'd like to do or if you don't have access to a printer, you can copy your chosen pages out into your Maths book with the title: Number Place Value 

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Monday 1st June 


Our daily lives have change so much over the past few months and sometimes that can be hard to understand why. We can have lots of different feelings about what we may have seen on the news or heard people talking about, that we don't know how to feel. It's important we take the time to think about how our daily activities are different now and to reflect on how we feel about these changes. 

Follow the link to an information book called Coronavirus: A Book for Children, which talks about all the things you may have heard about on the news. It is an informative book, illustrated by Gruffalo co-creator, Axel Scheffler and explains what the coronavirus is and why these changes have happened. 

Take a look at either all or parts of this book with an adult and have a chat about how you are feeling. It can be tricky to explain our emotions so take a look at the emotions resources and see which one you think best sums up your feelings. Sometimes we have one strong emotion, such as happy or sad, but it's ok to feel lots of different things all at one time. 

There are also some short videos on the BBC website through this link, BBC: Feeling Better, which may help. 

In the resources file for today, I have uploaded lots of different resources. Some are fun games, others are tasks and there are some activity sheets too! Take a look and see which you would like to do. Remember, you can choose as many as you like or you may want to do them over the course of the week. 


 Monday PSHCE.zipDownload
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Today's Maths is a quick recap of different areas of learning in Maths. 

Find the activity for your year group to have a go at. For Year 1 and 2 there are three levels of difficulty- 'One Star' is slightly easier, 'Two Stars' is a little more difficult and 'Three Stars' is the most challenging- choose the right one for you. This can be downloaded and printed or copied into your Maths book under the title: Maths Mat

 Reception Maths Summer Term Activity Mat.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Maths Mats.zipDownload
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