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Final Term Week 5

Hello again, Class 2 and welcome to Week 5 of Home Learning!  

You are probably aware that your Home Learning will be a little bit different for these last few weeks of term.  I will be uploading larger 'chunks' of English and Maths work for you to be getting on with, alongside recommended activities.  Each week, I will upload the PE ideas from Active Derbyshire, as well as a Topic grid from which you can pick and choose what you would like to do.  This is the same for all three classes, so if you have siblings, you may like to work together on some of the PE and Topic activities.  Don't forget that there are lots of ideas and suggestions for other things to do on our main 'Home Learning' page as well as on the 'Online Links' page. The Topic Theme for this week is PSHE, with a focus on Relationships. 

As always, keep sending me photographs of what you have been doing.  All of the staff love to see them!  

I wonder who will earn a 'Star of the Week' Certificate this Friday?

Let's take a look at what your classmates were doing towards the end of last week...

Florence made a fabulous gymkhana with her sister.  I like the aerial photograph.  She also found this baby frog!  Could it be from the frogspawn that she was watching at the beginning of lockdown?

Bodhi has been working very hard indeed.  He has completed lots of Maths, some great work on grid references and produced a super report about Tutankhamun.  Well done, Bodhi and what lovely presentation!

Last week was National School Sport Week, so Grace-Mae created, practised and performed a gymnastics routine.  Here are some action shots....

Megan has been very busy with her non-chronological report about Tutankhamun.  She has also done a great job of plotting the coordinates in our 'Emoji Maths' activity.  Can you believe how tall Megan, Jacob and Benjamin's bean plants that they set at the beginning of lockdown have grown?!  They are taller than the fence in the garden and even have some tiny beans beginning to grow!

More examples of home learning that I have received this week...

Thomas B has produced a lovely, clear non-chronological report about Tutankhamun. He has worked hard to include the features of this type of writing.  Well done, Thomas!

Florence has been busy.  She has made these wonderful Cricket Ball Cupcakes for National Cricket Week.  She didn't have any red food colouring so she tried using beetroot juice to colour them.  What a great idea! She has also produced a great non-chronological report about Tutankhamun. Well done, Florence.  Keep up the good work!

Oscar has written this lovely report about Tutankhamun.  I like the title - it made me want to read on...

Here is Grace-Mae's great report about Tutankhamun. What a range of different features she has used!

Bodhi created this great, informative PowerPoint. 

I love this family tree created by Taylor, Bodhi and Roxy as part of our 'Relationships' theme! What a wonderful idea!

Here is the Weekly Planner for this week from Active Derbyshire.  This week's sport is Boccia (pronounced "Bot-cha") which is similar to the game of bowls.  You will find the breakdown of activities plus instructions in the file list below.

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Whole School Topic for Week 5

 Below is the PSHE Topic grid for you to work from this week.  You will also find a bank of resources in the file list underneath.

 RSE Topic.docxDownload
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Friday 3rd July 2020


Today is the day that Year 4 will carry out their Officially Unofficial Maths Tables Check.  Any time from 9am, log in to Times Tables Rock Stars.  When you log in you will see Baz Wynter asking you for some help with his Soundcheck because he is running late.  You will click through a conversation, play one warm up Soundcheck game then go back to Baz before starting the second Soundcheck game.  The results of the second Soundcheck will be recorded as your Unofficially Official Score.

Please make sure you complete the games by yourself, with no help from anyone else, but don't worry - the scores will not be shared.  Good luck!

In the file list below, I have uploaded a letter for parents and a document which shows you what you will see and what to expect when you log in.


Year 3 - you will not be able to access the check.  I have uploaded some Times Tables Target Your Maths in a separate file list for you.

 Information for pupils.docxDownload
 Officially Unofficial MTC Letter to parents (1).docxDownload
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 TYM Y3 Answers.jpgDownload
 TYM Y3.JPGDownload
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There is no separate English today - I would like you to choose either of the following:

  • summarise what you have learnt about Ancient Egypt this term
  • continue with work of your choice from this week's Topic Grid

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Maths  - Thursday 2nd July 2020

 How are you all getting on with your times tables practice?  Why not have a go at this Arithmetic Test if you fancy a change? This is a full test so it will be a little longer than the ones I have uploaded previously.  Choose either Year 3 or Year 4 and work your way through as you usually would, before checking your answers.  

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English - Thursday 2nd July 2020

By now, you should have completed, edited and checked your non-chronological report about Tutankhamun.  With all of the research that you have carried out, you should be well-equipped to complete today's English task.  

Below, I have uploaded some Reading Comprehension tasks.  As you have been used to, the tasks vary in their level of challenge - from 1-star to 3-stars.  Have a look through the sheets and choose the one that you feel is most suitable for you.  Make sure you read the questions carefully.  You might want to highlight or underline the text that will help you to form your answer.  Remember that you must answer in a full sentence with a capital letter and a full stop, unless the instructions ask you to do something different.  When you have finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and check your work using the answers.

If you would like something extra to do afterwards, I have uploaded two more activities - Design your own Egyptian Death Mask and an Ancient Egypt Wordsearch - again these vary in their level of challenge.

 Death Mask Design.pdfDownload
 Egypt Wordsearch.pdfDownload
 Tutankhamun Comprehension.pdfDownload
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Maths Monday to Thursday

At the beginning of June, the Year 4s were meant to take part in the first ever Multiplication Tables Check (a Times Tables test) but due to the school closures, this has not gone ahead.  However, on Friday we would really like the Year 4s to be part of an 'Officially Unofficial Multiplication Tables Check', so that you can really show off all of the hard work you have been doing towards learning your times tables. Don't worry - your results won't go anywhere and it is not an official test.  I will send more information about this towards the end of the week but until then, I would like everyone, not just the Year 4s, to use the first part of this week to practise and practise and practise their tables!  You can use any way that you think is best to do this, such as Times Tables Rock Stars, or (both of these help you to practise the format in which the test would have taken place) or Top Marks Times Tables Games 

There are loads of resources on the twinkl Home Learning Hub (just search for Times Tables Check) or you can use your own ideas.  Let me know if I can help.

Year 3 - I will upload something related to Times Tables for you on Friday instead of the unofficial test.

English Monday to Wednesday

Over the next few days (until Wednesday), you should have enough to keep you going with your non-chronological report.  You can complete this,  edit it, maybe even type it up in Word then use the Checklist to make sure that you have included all of the important features needed in a non- chronological report.  I will upload more activities for Thursday and Friday.  In the meantime, if you are hungry for some alternative ideas, why not have a look at some of the Egyptian Art and DT activities in the file list below?

 success-criteria non chron report.pdfDownload
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 Egyptians Art Slide - Cartouche.pdfDownload
 Egyptians Art Slide - Necklace.pdfDownload
 Egyptians Art Work - Cartouche.pdfDownload
 Egyptians Art Work - Necklace.pdfDownload
 Egyptians DT Slides - Egyptian Bread.pdfDownload
 Egyptians DT Slides - Shaduf.pdfDownload
 Egyptians DT Work - Bread.pdfDownload
 Egyptians DT Work - Shaduf.pdfDownload
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