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Final Term Week 3

Hi Class 1,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Look at what your class mates got up to last week:

Taylor created a lovely leaflet about properties of 3D shapes:

Have a go at one or both of these fantastic properties of 3D shapes quizzes by Taylor and Maya.  Can you get all the questions correct?

 Presentation 3D Shapes Taylor.pptxDownload
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Can Katie or Harry persuade you to go to one of these destinations, once lockdown is over, with their persuasive holiday brochures?

 HW Brochure.pubDownload
 KM Liverpool.pptxDownload
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Find out about one of these artists:

 Andy Goldsworthy Maya.pptxDownload
 Richard Diebenkorn.pptxDownload
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Will you be one of this week's 'Netherseal Stars of the Week'?

Year 6, don't forget to take a look at the Year 6 Transition page.  You may want to complete some of these tasks instead or as well as the tasks below .  

Please let me know if there is anything you have particularly enjoyed doing or found useful on the transition page or if there is anything else that you would find useful for me to offer advice about on it.  Don't forget it is constantly being updated, so make sure you keep checking back.

Here is your home learning for this week:




Y5 – Using what you learned about frequency tables yesterday, choose your own data to collect. It could be for a sport you like, a game you design in the garden or even in your house or it could be about something you see out of your window such as vehicles or wildlife – the choice is yours! The more exciting/creative the better! Find a simple way of recording the information, then turn it into a tally and then a frequency table. You could look back at yesterday’s work to give you ideas/for help. You will need to make sure you use a ruler for all your tables and present your work neatly. Record your work in your maths book. Remember the short date and the title: Frequency Tables.

Make sure you send your work to to display on next week’s home learning page and so I can see what ideas you came up with.


Y6 – Continue and complete your maths work on fractions. Don’t forget there are also some related online quizzes to complete, if you have finished the uploaded questions.

Y5/6 Writing:

Continue and complete writing up your story from yesterday.  Then re-read your story.

Self-assess against your year group’s writing self-assessment criteria, which can be found on the Class 1 ‘Home Learning’ home page.

Which features have you included?

Which do you now need to add in/make sure you include next time?

Either print off and complete the success criteria and attach it to your piece of work, or record your self-assessment under your piece of writing, using stars for things you think you have done and an arrow for a wish for next time e.g.

*   Used all the basic punctuation from the list, plus hyphens

*   Used semi-colons, colons and dashes

*   Used modal verbs

*   Used ambitious vocabulary

*   Appropriate opening and closing

*   Used a wide range of sentence lengths and structures

*   Wrote appropriately for the given purpose

*   Handwriting is clear and joined

         Make sure I use examples from the spelling criteria

         Make sure I include passive voice

I would love to create an online collection of all your stories for your class mates to read, so please email them (if they are electronic) or take a photo and email them to

Y5/6 Topic:

You have two tasks linked to your learning on light today. Both can be found in the documents uploaded below.

For the ‘Light Wordsearch’ you can either print it out and complete it or try to find the answers on screen. Once you have completed it, make sure you know the meaning of all the words, by researching the ones you are unfamiliar with in a dictionary or online.


The second task is a challenge to see if you can use your knowledge to solve the ‘Light it Up’ challenge.


Don't forget to send me photos of the science you have been up to this week!

 Light It Up Task.pdfDownload
 Light Word Search.pdfDownload
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Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week for another week of home learning. Don’t forget to send me what you have been up to!





Y6 – Continue with your maths work on fractions. Remember you have until tomorrow to complete as much of it as you can. Don’t forget there are also some related online quizzes to complete, if you finish the uploaded questions or if you prefer to do these instead.


Y5 – Well done to those of you who completed the maths quiz I set you yesterday.  If you didn't get chance to do it, then it is available to complete until Sunday, so there is still time for you to show me how good you are at interpreting line graphs.

Today we are going to look at frequency tables.

Read the explanation of frequency tables below:

Then choose your challenge to complete: A, B or C.

A is the easiest and C is the hardest so make sure you choose which challenge is right for you.

Record your work in your maths book. Remember the short date and the title: Frequency Tables.

 Y5 Frequency Tables Answers.jpegDownload
 Y5 Frequency Tables Challenge A.jpegDownload
 Y5 Frequency Tables Challenge B and C.jpegDownload
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Y5/6 Writing:

In your English books, on the computer or on A4 paper folded into a booklet, start writing up the final version of your short story. Make sure you include illustrations and/or add a border. You could even design a front cover and blurb if you wish to.  

Y5/6 Topic:

Today we are going to look at refraction.

Work your way through the ‘Lesson Presentation Refraction’ PowerPoint uploaded below, following the instructions carefully, until you get to slide 7. When you get to slide 7, you will also need the ‘Amazing Arrows’ and ‘Incredible Images’ documents uploaded below (choose your challenge by choosing star 1, 2 or 3 for recording each investigation), ready for your two science investigations. Use each of these documents alongside the rest of the PowerPoint either by printing and recording on the sheet or by using the sheets as a guide and recording in your topic book. Remember the long date and the title: Refraction. Make sure you also present your work neatly.

I would love to see your work and some photos of your investigations, so please send them to 

 Amazing Arrow.pdfDownload
 Incredible Images.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation Refraction.pptxDownload
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Y5 – Following on from yesterday’s work on line graphs, have a go at the online quiz which I have assigned to you, by following the link below and logging in: 


Y6 – continue with your maths work from yesterday.


Y5/6 Reading:

Read the news from this week in the ‘Topical News’ document uploaded below and then choose one or more of the linked activities on the final page to complete. Remember, if it is one of the written activities you will need to include the long date and the title: Topical News.

 Topical News.pdfDownload
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Y5/6 Writing:

In your English book, edit the story you created yesterday, making sure you have included the features from your year group’s writing success criteria.


 Y5/6 Topic:

Today we are going to be looking at reflecting light.

Look at the different explanations of reflection in the document 'Reflections Explanations True or False' uploaded below.

Only one is true. Which do you think it is?

Read the PowerPoint presentation ‘Lesson Presentation Reflecting Light’ which explains how it works.

Carry out the angles of incidence and reflection explained in the PowerPoint. Stick your work in your topic book. Remember the long date and the title: Reflecting Light.

You may then wish to make a periscope, using the template or explanation document ‘Activity Sheet Making a Periscope’ uploaded below. If you don’t have the resources at home, don’t worry, you can use what you have learned from the PowerPoint and have a look at an example of a periscope online, in order to help you complete the explanation task, also in the ‘Activity Sheet Making a Periscope’ document. There are three different levels, so choose between star one (easiest) to star three (hardest). Record your answers in your topic book.

Please send me examples of your creations and/or explanation for me to share on our page next week.

 #Lesson Presentation Reflecting Light.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Making a Periscope.pdfDownload
 Periscope Template.pdfDownload
 Reflection Explanations True or False.pdfDownload
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Y5 – Today we are going to start looking at statistics and we will be focusing on line graphs.

Read the explanation of solving problems using information presented in a line graph below:


Then choose your challenge to complete: A, B or C, which can be found in the document uploaded below.

A is the easiest and C is the hardest, so make sure you choose which challenge is right for you.

Record your answers in your maths book.  Remember to present your work neatly, include the short date and title: Interpreting Line Graphs (both of these should be underlined with a ruler).


Y6 – Throughout the rest of this week, for maths, you are going to be revising fractions. I have uploaded a range of documents below containing SATs style questions, focusing on different aspects of fractions. You should work through these documents throughout this week, so choose how many you would like to do each day, aiming to complete as many of the questions as you can by the end of the week. There are a few more questions than usual, so you may choose to do a few from each document, each day or you may choose to complete as many as you can from a booklet each day. I suggest if you choose to work through one at a time, you start with understanding fractions, then Choose which way and how many is appropriate for you. Answer the questions in your maths book. Remember to include the short date and the title: Fractions. Once you have completed them, please mark and correct your answers using the answer booklets, also uploaded below.

You may decide that you would like to do some online questions instead or even as well as, so I have uploaded some new quizzes online for you to do focusing on different aspects relating to fractions. Follow this link to log in: 

 Y5 Line Graph Challenge A, B and C Answers.jpegDownload
 Y5 Line Graph Challenge A, B and C.jpegDownload
 Y6 Equivalent-Fractions Revision Answers.pdfDownload
 Y6 Equivalent-Fractions Revision.pdfDownload
 Y6 Ordering-Fractions-Revision Answers.pdfDownload
 Y6 Ordering-Fractions-Revision.pdfDownload
 Y6 Understanding Fractions Revision Answers.pdfDownload
 Y6 Understanding Fractions Revision.pdfDownload
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Y5/6 Writing:

In your English book, using your story mountain and target sentences from yesterday, draft your story. Make sure you present your work neatly, using your best joined handwriting.  Remember the long date and your title could be the title of your chosen image or another appropriate title that you choose.  Make sure you underline neatly with a ruler.  You may also like to scroll down and click on the pobble image from yesterday, so you can use the supporting document to help you.




Y6 – Follow the link below and complete the comprehension task in your English book. Remember the long date and the title: The Right to an Education.


Y5 – Read chapter 19 of Good Night Mr Tom. When we were in school, completed a couple of crosswords about some of the chapters. I have uploaded them as examples to help you below. Can you create your own crossword about the text? Make sure you send them in to , so your class mates can have a go at solving them.

Remember the long date and the title: Good Night Mr Tom – Crossword.

 Example Good Night Mr Tom Crosswords.docDownload
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Y5/6 Topic:

Today we are going to start our new unit of work on light. We will be focusing today on how we see.

Watch the PowerPoint 'Lesson Presentation How We See' uploaded below, which explains how we see things.

Complete the ‘How we see things worksheet’ or create your own examples in your book and then choose your challenge (with one star being the easiest and three star being the hardest) from the ‘Activity Sheet Learning Lab’ document below.   Record your work in your topic book.  Remember the long date and the title: How We See Things.  Make sure you send your work to so I can share your ideas next week and see what you have been up to.

 Activity Sheet Light Learning Lab Editable.pdfDownload
 How We See Things Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation How We See.pptDownload
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In your maths book, complete the arithmetic questions, for your year group, uploaded below.


Y6, your questions are a little different this week. As we will be focusing on fractions, your arithmetic questions is a special one focusing entirely on fractions arithmetic questions. Record your answers in your maths book, with the short date and the title: Fractions Arithmetic.


when adding and subtracting fractions - make the denominator the same

when multiplying – multiply straight across

dividing – keep, change, flip

How quickly can you complete them?

How many can you get right?


Y5, remember the short date and the title: Arithmetic.

Can you complete it in 30 minutes?  

Can you beat your previous score from last week’s arithmetic test?


I have included the answers on the last page of the Year 5 arithmetic and as a separate document for Year 6, so when you have finished, make sure you mark and correct your answers.


 Y6 Fraction-Arithmetic-Revision Answers.pdfDownload
 Y6 Fraction-Arithmetic-Revision.pdfDownload
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Y5 – Read chapter 18 of Good Night Mr. Tom. We have met lots of different characters in this novel and a lot of them have changed over time. Your task today is called paper faces. Choose one or more of the main characters and for each character you choose, use a paper plate or make or draw a circle to represent the face of your character.

On one side of the plate/circle draw how you think your character would look the first time you meet them and on the other side, how they looked when you met them later in the novel. Add key words and quotations on either side of your plate/circle which support your thoughts.

e.g. If you choose Willie, you could draw how you think he looked in London on one side

How did he feel? What did he look like?

Think about his hair, face and appearance. Would he have been happy or sad?

On the other side draw how he would look in the countryside.

Then add quotes from the text to either side.


If you record your paper faces in your English book. Remember the long date and the title: Good Night Mr Tom – Paper Faces


Y6 – Follow the link below and complete the comprehension task in your English book. Remember the long date and the title: The Right Not to Work.


Y5/6 Writing:

Below are several pobble images. Choose the image which most inspires you to base your story on.

If you click on the image you would like to write a story about, it will take you to a document which will support you with coming up with some ideas for your story.

In your English book, based on the Pobble image you have chosen, create a story mountain for your story. Then use your year group’s success criteria for writing (which can be found on the Class 1 home learning home page) to create target sentences, which you will include in your story. Just like we would usually do in school. Remember the long date and the title: Story Plan.

Y5/6 Topic:

It is really important to ensure we keep ourselves safe online, particularly while we are using the internet so much for home learning, so your topic today is some online safety tasks.  Take a look at the activities in the two document below and complete the activities. 


Here is a useful link for your parents, about screen time:

For further advice on online safety, activities and fun books for your child to read, visit:

 KS2 Thinkuknow-home-activity-sheet-5.pdfDownload
 KS2 thinkuknow-home-activity-sheet-6.pdfDownload
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